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Family Friendly Tech and Advocacy: Tech Psychologist's Guide   by Dr. Jeanne Beckman
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Friday, February 5, 2010

The power of Mother as Advocate

In the Wall Street Journal today, I read Dorothy Rabinowitz's review of the upcoming program, "Temple Grandin," which is about a woman with autism who has been able to develop her tremendous talents to make our society a better place.

The story of Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism at age 4 and in time a symbol of hope for the afflicted, has made its way to the screen with spellbinding results. The way wasn't destined to be smooth. Symbols of hope and inspiration don't easily translate to drama, at least any worthy of the name, particularly when they come burdened, as this one does, with emphasis on achievements touching on matters that make the blood run cold. Ms. Grandin became an expert inventor of constructions designed to soothe cattle headed for the slaughterhouse...

...the Grandin character is far more complex, an accomplished woman who is an author, who has a Ph.D. in animal science and a full professorship at Colorado State University. In Ms. Danes's portrayal of her youth, that complexity comes blazing to life at every turn—the ever-present state of alert against the world's countless threats (a human touch, a sliding door), the fierce if selective curiosity, the search for modes of comfort and protection...

"Temple Grandin" (Saturday, 8-10 p.m. EST, on HBO) ...


So many times, mothers are castigated as being either an over-controlling "helicopter parent" or indifferent "refrigerator mother" to a child's needs. Rabinowitz's review states
Not that Temple lacked a dynamo of a mother of her own, one who refused to give up on her child or allow her to be institutionalized as doctors suggested. Eustacia is an exquisite mix of delicacy and force in Ms. Ormond's superb portrayal.

Thomas Edison's mother, Nancy Elliott Edison, also refused to accept the school's diagnosis of her son as "addled" and she home schooled him. Due to her efforts to teach him to read as well as to constantly read to him, Thomas Edison grew up to become the record holder of the greatest number of patents issued in one person's name. This record still stands today.

LEGACY OF BULLYING: When children and their mothers are bullied, are shamed, about their learning differences, depression, discouragement, failure, and reduced productivity often results. This legacy gets passed on, so that the child who suffered this shaming grows up to shame his or her own children, to shame his or her students. This is how bullying is passed on through the generations, to the detriment of our communities and country.

So mothers, do not accept that you should back off and leave the education of your children to others who claim to know better. Do not accept the pejorative comments about being a helicopter parent or worse. It is in our genetic wiring to "provide pertinent parenting with a push" for greater independence for all of our children.

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Our children, our communities, our country depends on mothers